New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application

New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application

New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application

“At Go City, we believe in ensuring that everyone has the chance to immerse themselves in the finest offerings of a city, recognizing that not all experiences are easily within reach for those on a student budget. In light of the escalating cost of living and the rising expenses associated with education, such as soaring book prices and tuition fees, we are committed to alleviating the financial burden on college students.”

In line with this commitment, Go City offers a unique opportunity to students enrolled in American colleges and universities through the New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application. They allow them to explore renowned attractions in New York City at no cost. Moreover, as a gesture of support for their academic pursuits, they offer a one-time academic scholarship grant of $4,000. This initiative is their way of fostering accessible and enriching experiences for students while assisting them in managing the financial challenges associated with higher education.

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Benefits of the New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application:

  • 6 1-day passes for you and your family to see more than 100 attractions in New York City.
  • A one-time award of $4,000 for study-related costs like books and expenditures. The award can be used for travel, books, accommodation & board, or tuition. The winner will receive a direct transfer of funds.
  • A maximum of six 1-day passes can be utilized, and these passes are flexible for multiple individuals. For instance, one individual has the option to purchase all six-day passes, or two people can each buy three-day passes. It’s important to note that the day passes can be used on specific days, and there is no obligation for consecutive days of use.

Eligibility for the New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application:

  • Upon submitting your entry, you must fulfill specific eligibility criteria. Eligible participants must be either citizens of the United States, permanent residents, or individuals currently enrolled in a college or university within the country on a student visa. It is crucial to note that each person is allowed to submit only one entry into the competition. This ensures that the selection process remains fair and that each participant has an equal opportunity to be considered.

Important Dates for the New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application:

  • On September 29, 2023, at 23:59 EST, submit your entry. October 20, 2023, will mark the announcement of the winner.
  • The competition is scheduled to occur from noon (Eastern Standard Time) on May 29, 2023 (referred to as the “Opening Date”) through 23:59 (Eastern Standard Time) on September 29, 2023 (referred to as the “Closing Date”), encompassing both the specified dates.

Method of Application for the New York Pass Education Scholarship 2023 Application:

Interested applicants are to follow the guidelines below:

  • Share your excitement about the attractions on the New York Pass site in a tweet-length response (280 characters or less). Highlight the attractions you’re eager to explore and explain the reasons behind your enthusiasm. #NewYorkPass #ExcitedToExplore
  • Send an email with your entry to
  • Provide your name, university or college, and your designated email address. Inform them if you’d rather not receive notifications regarding future promotional activities.
  • The winner will be determined based on the candidate’s eligibility according to the scholarship criteria and the evaluation of the entry’s quality by the selection committee.
  • Go City reserves the right to utilize the winner’s name for promotional purposes related to the contest on our website and social media platforms. For a comprehensive overview of their privacy practices, please refer to the complete privacy statement available here.
  • By engaging in this activity, you affirm that all information you furnish is truthful, precise, and up-to-date. Go City Group reserves the right to scrutinize the eligibility of each participant.
  • Go City retains the authority to grant scholarships, and no passes or scholarships will be awarded due to any participant’s improper conduct.
  • The recipient will receive a 1099 form, and the award is subject to regular U.S. taxation.

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Go City’s present, former, and existing employees’ families.

For more information about this opportunity, Visit the Official Website.

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