Jack Ma Foundation 2022 Africa’s Business Heroes Competition

Jack Ma Foundation 2022 Africa's Business Heroes Competition

Jack Ma Foundation 2022 Africa’s Business Heroes Competition

The Jack Ma Foundation which have proven over the years as the biggest support when it comes to African educational system drop the news about their ongoing Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Competition for the 2022 session which is valued at about $1.5 million as well as entrepreneurship training and global publicity.

The grant exercise comes yearly and is aimed at supporting vibrant African leaders to perfect as well as attain a better future. The application will last till the 21st day of June, 2022 which will be the deadline day.

Over the years, the Africa’s Business Heroes have been a major benchmark in supporting talented African entrepreneurs through their price competition which was previously at $1 million but this year they increased the star price to $1.5 million which is given to 10 lucky winners which are usually termed as “Business Heroes”.

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The competition exercise have also improve so many business minds as they will be given some exclusive business tips, training and also exposed to top firms in the worlds where they will meet like minds and share some common values.

The competition is mainly for Africans entrepreneurs who can speak and write either English or French, and also cuts across all sectors irrespective of the business type. business owners who are not from Africa and have their business registered in Africa and have about 3 years or more track record can also participate in this opportunity.

Requirements and eligibility criteria for the Jack Ma Foundation 2022 Africa’s Business Heroes Competition

  • Interested applicant must be the founder or co-founder of the business.
  • Interested applicant must be of African origin.
  • The Business must be registered and have it’s headquarter in Africa.
  • The Business must have about 3 years track record.

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Benefits of the 2022 Africa’s Business Heroes Competition

Participants will receive invaluable training and mentorship.

Participants will get opportunity to network with the ABH’s growing community of talented and inspiring minds

Winners of the competition will be awarded about $1.5 million.

All applicant will become a part of the ABH Community where they have access to insightful, educative and inspiring events

For more details, Visit the Official Website.

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