World Bank Global Secondment Program 2024

World Bank Global Secondment Program 2024

World Bank Global Secondment Program 2024

Suitably qualified junior and mid-career professionals from all nationalities are invited to apply for the World Bank Global Secondment Program 2024 which offers participants an opportunity for a maximum of 4 years on Special Assignment Appointments that are full-time and funded by the partner of the World Bank Group to World Bank Group (WBG) member countries and regional agencies

The World Bank Global Secondment Program which is sponsored by the World Bank Group (WBG) is a 4 years program for skills enhancement, knowledge sharing, strategic alliances, cultural exchange, and diversification to contribute to the Bank’s work. The Global Secondment Program is often used as a pre-recruitment step, especially for nationalities of concern.

The Global Secondment Program is a full-time appointment that offers officials of WBG member countries, regional agencies, development banks, international organizations, academia, or private enterprises the opportunity to be appointed on a Special Assignment to the World Bank Group (WBG) and use their relevant experience to contribute to the World Bank Group’s work program.

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Program Summary:

Program Sponsor(s): World Bank Group (WBG)

Program Location(s): Member countries & Regional agencies

Program Duration: 4 Years

Number of Slots: Several

Basic Qualifications: Junior & Mid-career Professionals

Nationality: All Nationalities

Eligibility for the World Bank Global Secondment Program 2024:

  • Applicants must be full-time employees of the releasing organization at the time of appointment and continue to receive their salary and benefits from that company or organization. Interns will not be considered.
  • Organizations nominate at least three individuals with good performance records. Nominees are usually interviewed by the WBG’s hiring unit, with the hiring unit manager making the ultimate selection decision.
  • All appointments will be subject to a security clearance to verify employment, education, credit, and criminal history. Participants may not begin the assignment until the security clearance process is completed. If the participant does not meet the World Bank Group’s security clearance standard, the appointment is terminated.
  • Due to the nature of Special Assignment under the GSP, and per the program’s Conflict of Interest Guidelines, participants may not hold positions that would be deemed managerial or policy-making roles.
  • Onetime Special Assignment Appointments are usually one to two years; they can be for six months depending on the criteria of the assignment. The length of the appointment should not exceed four years.

Method of Application for the World Bank Global Secondment Program 2024:

Interested and eligible applicants contact the Bank manager of the hosting unit to ascertain if potential assignments may be offered as arrangements for assignments are coordinated between the Bank manager and the partner organization.

In some cases, the partner organization will submit the names of several applicants to be interviewed for the assignment; in other cases, the partner organization has already conducted internal interviews and a selection process. In either case, only qualified applicants who meet the position criteria (education, relevant experience, and skills) will be assigned to the GSP.

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Application Deadline: Ongoing.

For more information about this opportunity, Visit the Official Website.

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