BMGA Foundation Fellows Program 2023 for African Women

BMGA Foundation Fellows Program 2023 for African Women

BMGA Foundation Fellows Program 2023 for African Women

The BMGA Foundation Fellows Program 2023 for African Women is a social impact initiative program aiming to decrease the skills gap between male and female university graduates in Africa and Asia. This six-month experiential learning program will provide young African women with the skills, access, and resources necessary to develop the fundamental employability capabilities that will make them more attractive to potential employers in the 21st Century.

This comprehensive virtual program provides top-notch professional development courses, mentorship from graduate students at renowned universities around the world, coaching from senior-level executives with international backgrounds, and essential life skills to prepare young African women for the working world. Selected participants take part in a six-month transformative learning journey that utilizes cutting-edge technologies and resources. Professionals, academics, and renowned global thought leaders from esteemed institutions present a range of modules. Live classes, group deliberations, and other educational resources help participants develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing business world.

The BMGA Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to fostering equitable and effective workplaces. We promote initiatives that emphasize diversity and equity in the professional sphere. The foundation firmly believes that women are essential in creating healthy and prosperous societies. To this end, they are committed to fostering inclusivity and gender equity in the business world by providing resources, connecting people, and offering specialized services.

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Eligibility for the BMGA Foundation Fellows Program 2023 for African Women:

  • Applicants must be young women from Africa and Asia.
  • Applicants must be final-year students and early-career professionals with not more than three years of post-university work experience.
  • Applicants must have an excellent academic record.
  • Applicants must have graduated top of their class or be a final year student with a current or cumulative CGPA equivalent to a B plus.
  • Applicants must speak, write, and read English with proficiency.
  • Applicants must have regular access to the internet.

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Application Deadline: March 10, 2023.

For more information about this opportunity, Visit the Official Website.

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