Shell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023

Shell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023

Shell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023

Shell Nigeria is presently inviting applications from driven and skilled individuals to participate in the Shell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023 for Young Graduates. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with accomplished professionals from Shell in your respective field while being part of a project team.

Participating in an Assessed Internship provides an exceptional opportunity to gain an insider’s perspective of Shell and fully engage in the dynamic energy industry. Additionally, it serves as a valuable platform for determining the most suitable career path for you. Throughout the internship, you will actively contribute to real projects specifically tailored to align with your interests and skills.

Throughout your internship, you will receive direct support from a dedicated supervisor and mentor who will guide and assist you. Furthermore, regular assessments will be conducted to ensure that you maximize the benefits and opportunities provided by the Shell Nigeria Assessed internship.  By interacting with them, you will gain valuable insights into our business, including its challenges and benefits. Your ability to analyze situations, make decisions, and develop practical solutions, as well as your drive, enthusiasm, resilience, and confidence, will be evaluated as part of the internship program. Their perspectives will enhance your comprehension of our industry and equip you with essential skills for success.

Shell Internship ApplicationShell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023

A shell internship application is an opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry. Shell is a global energy company that employs more than 83,000 people and operates in more than 70 countries. Internships at Shell typically last between 6-12 weeks and offer a structured program of learning, responsibility, and intense real-world experience.

The application process begins with students submitting an online application through Shell’s website. In the application, applicants must provide personal information, contact information, a copy of their resume, and answers to questions about their work experience, education, and skills. Once the application is received, applicants may be contacted by a representative from Shell’s Human Resources department to discuss the role and set up an interview.

A successful candidate’s application will demonstrate strong initiative, motivation, and communication skills. Shell is looking for individuals who can contribute to the company and demonstrate a good track record of success in their prior studies or work experience.

During the interview, the candidate should display an understanding of the company’s goals and operations and be prepared to discuss what he or she would contribute to a Shell internship. The applicant should also be ready to explain any questions asked about his or her background and to ask any questions he or she may have about the role.

The interview is typically followed by a decision period. Candidates who do not meet the criteria are contacted soon after the interview and thanked for their interest. The successful candidate will typically receive an offer letter from Shell which will outline the start date, duration, and stipulations of the internship.

Upon accepting the offer, the intern must complete any pre-employment paperwork required byShell and submit it to the Human Resources department. Interns are expected to complete the agreed responsibilities in the allotted time and may be asked to write a report at the end of the internship regarding their experiences.

Internship Summary:

Program Sponsor(s): Shell Nigeria

Program Type: Career Opportunities

Program Location: Nigeria

Number of Slots: Several

Program Duration: Not Mentioned

Basic Qualification: Graduates

Nationality: All Nationalities

Eligibility for the Shell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023:

  • Applicants must be graduates.
  • Applicants will be evaluated on their capacity for analysis, decision-making, and creating workable solutions, as well as their drive, enthusiasm, resilience, and confidence.
  • Applicants will have a formal mid-term review with their mentor and supervisor.
  • Applicants will be asked to prepare a final presentation about their project.

Method of Application for the Shell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023:

To be considered for the Shell Nigeria Assessed Internship Opportunities 2023, prospective applicants are recommended to utilize the search bar and locate an internship position in their desired location. Once identified, the application can be completed online, with the option to conveniently save time by linking your LinkedIn profile.

Application Deadline: Ongoing.

For more information about this opportunity, Visit the Official Website.


Q. How much does Shell Nigeria pay interns?

A. Shell Nigeria does not publicly disclose information on how much they pay interns. However, it is reported that intern salaries from Shell in Nigeria usually range from 30,000 to 50,000 Naira per month.

Q. How long does Shell Graduate Recruitment take?

A. The Shell Graduate Recruitment Process typically takes around six to eight weeks from the initial application to the recruitment decision. During this process, you can expect to undertake several online assessments, interviews with recruiters, and a final telephone or video call interview with the hiring manager. Finally, you may attend an on-site assessment center to finalize your recruitment.

Q. What is the stipend for Shell assessed Internship Programme?

A. The Shell-assessed internship program provides a generous stipend to all participating students. This stipend is provided to cover travel and accommodation costs for the duration of the placement. The amount of the stipend may vary and will be agreed with the student upon acceptance into the program.

Q. What is the GPA for Shell?

A. The GPA for Shell is the Global Performance Award, a score out of 10 that measures a company’s performance in terms of safety, environmental protection, and socioeconomic responsibility. The score is based on an analysis of published information and research from independent audit firms. Shell consistently scores highly in this area and has held steady at 8 out of 10 since the inception of the Global Performance Award.

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